Training & Coaching

Mark Williamson curates all the content for Greatest Leaders, and is available for training workshops and coaching conversations…
Based in London, Mark regularly delivers training sessions around the UK and the US. Coaching sessions take place on Zoom.


Keynotes & Workshops

Greatest Leaders can deliver keynotes, seminars or day workshops, sharing leadership lessons based around key leaders from history. Sessions are available on Ernest Shackleton, Steve Jobs, John Wesley, William Wilberforce and more. Workshops can also be built around key skills of leadership such as Strategic Planning, Communication, Building Teams and Coaching & Mentoring.

Mark has spoken on leadership to audiences on five continents, including for businesses in the United States, church planters in Africa, entrepreneurs in Latin America and charities in Asia.

Feedback on a Shackleton keynote:

It was like an epic movie hearing the story of bravery.


One guy shared the three leadership principals with his bosses’ boss, and has now been promoted and asked to ‘fix’ the team!!


Book Growth Conversations

Take the next step to achievement… Greatest Leaders can provide one to one coaching for a very limited number of clients. Because we only take on a handful of people, rates are high. We specialise in working with leaders and entrepreneurs wanting to grow themselves to take their organization to the next level.

Coaching conversations are normally grouped in six sessions, and can accompany courses and lessons taken on the site, or cover specific challenges you are facing.

Clients Mark has coached include business leaders in the US, church leaders in the UK, and NGO founders in Africa.

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