Nimsdai Purja: Nothing Is Impossible

Leaders can make the impossible become possible. They can inspire others to shatter world records, break through limits not previously believed posssible, and go beyond what has been previously achieved. The 14 Peaks film tells the story of Nimsdai Purja shattering the world record for one person climbing the 14 highest mountains in the world. It also raised awareness of what the human race, and specifcally the Nepalese Sherpa community were capable of.


Nimsdai Purja

Nimsdai Purja is a Nepalese Ghurka soldier who fought with the British Army, and then joined the Special Boat Service as a special forces soldier of the Royal Navy. His summiting of the highest 14 peaks in the world within seven months reduced the previous record of people doing it in seven years. He did it to show that nothing is impossible for the human spirit.


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